Angela Zivkovic, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition
Office: 3245 Meyer Hall
Lab: 3402 Meyer hall, (530) 752-3973
Dr. Zivkovic’s research focuses on precision nutrition approaches to prevent disease, optimize health, and extend healthspan. Her group is particularly interested in dietary interventions, foods, and dietary components that reduce inflammation, beneficially alter the gut microbiome, and improve the functional capacity of HDL particles. The current focus is on the prevention of neurodegenerative disease, particularly Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Zivkovic also runs a precision nutrition consultation practice and is co-founder at Innate Biology (
Angela Zivkovic
Jea Woo Kang
Graduate Student
Lab: 3402 Meyer hall, (530) 752-3973
jwkkang@ucdavis.eduJea Woo is a PhD candidate in the Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology. His dissertation work in focused on understanding the impacts of prebiotics on the gut microbiome and metabolism. In addition to expertise in clinical trial planning and execution, Jea Woo is mastering data analysis of complex multi-omic data sets, integrating metagenomics and metabolomics to understand the function of both the microbes in our gut and our own metabolic machinery in response to targeted prebiotic therapies to increase the abundance and functionality of bifidobacteria. Jea Woo was recently awarded the Mar Dissertation Year Fellowship for his work. In his free time Jea Woo enjoys exploring outdoors, traveling to see the wonders of nature and unique architecture around the globe, and a variety of sports and games.
Jee-woo Kang
Joanne Agus
Graduate Student
Lab: 3402 Meyer hall, (530) 752-3973
Jack Zheng
Graduate StudentLab: 3402 Meyer hall, (530) 752-3973
jaczheng@ucdavis.eduJack’s research interest primarily focuses on how chronic disease conditions affect the structure and function of HDL. Many chronic diseases alter the body’s homeostasis in various ways, including leakage of intracellular enzymes from cell death, increased acidity and oxidative stress in regions of inflammation, and systemic increase of blood glucose and other reactive metabolites. These conditions could affect the structural and functional properties of circulating HDL particles, hampering their ability to perform a suited of beneficial and protective functions. Jack uses electron microscopy to characterize the structure of HDL particles and other nanoparticles, including extracellular vesicles. His current focus is on characterizing the structural and functional changes to HDL particles in response to pathological chemical changes observed in a wide variety of disease states, including low pH, high glucose, oxidation, proteases, and glycosidases.
Cynthia Tang
Graduate Student
Brian Hong
PhD CandidateGraduate Group in Nutritional BiologyLab: 3402 Meyer hall, (530) 752-3973

Brian came to UC Davis as a transfer student in 2013, where he earned both his B.S. in Nutrition Science and M.S. in Forensic Science. Brian loves the Davis community, especially since we are central to many exciting places, such as Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, and the Bay Area. Brian enjoys exploring new foods and craft beers, playing the piano, and working out at the ARC in his free time. Currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D. in the Zivkovic lab, where his research focuses primarily on high-density lipoproteins (HDL) composition and modification on their functionality in babies, pregnant women, and Alzheimer’s disease patients. Ultimately, Brian’s career goal is to bridge the computational and experimental aspects of research within the biotech industry.
Oscar Manuel Muñoz Herrera
PhD Candidate – Pharmacology & Toxicology (PTX), Emphasis in Biotechnology
Email address:
SACNAS Co-Finance Chair:
UC Davis PTX Website Committee
Hometown: Tijuana, Northern Baja California, Mexico
MS in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry), California State University, Los Angeles, 2018
BS in Chemistry (Biochemistry), San Diego State University, 2016Oscar is a PhD candidate in the Pharmacology and Toxicology graduate group. One of his interests is to explore the science where diets and disease converge. Oscar currently investigates the relationship between microglial dysfunction, the transport of lipids and cholesterol, and how these fit into the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Oscar’s expertise in the Zivkovic Research Group includes cell culture (human – microglia, monocytic, macrophage), in vitro assays, molecular biology, mitochondria relevant studies, high-throughput screening, among others.
Oscar is motivated by the pursuit of understanding human maladies and developing therapeutics to improve healthcare. Outside of lab, he enjoys sports and multiple forms of art.
Nola Klebaner
Undergraduate Student Intern
Trevor Zhu

Postdoctoral Scholar

Boutros Lab, Cancer Data Center

UCLA Johnsson Comprehensive Cancer Center

Chenghao (Trevor) Zhu
Christopher Rhodes
Innate Biology, Inc.
Christopher Rhodes