Welcome to the Zivkovic Lab!

We develop ways to measure the metabolic and immune response of individuals to different dietary interventions in order to uncover strategies to personalize diet and extend healthspan.

We believe that chronic disease is not just a “natural process of aging,” but instead an accumulation of damage over time due to a variety of insults, including dysregulated metabolism and immune activation, both of which are heavily influenced by diet and lifestyle. But the one-size-fits-all approach does not work. In the Zivkovic Lab our objective is to discover solutions for personalizing diet and lifestyle to improve health, prevent disease, and ultimately extend healthspan in individuals. We do this through a variety of approaches and by studying multiple aspects of health simultaneously, because complex multifactorial problems rarely have simple magic bullet solutions. We are currently especially intrigued by the biology of fasting, HDL particles, and gut microbial metabolism and how these are related to neurodegenerative disease, particularly Alzheimer’s disease.